What’s the difference between a master salesman and a beginner getting his first few no’s?

Besides experience, the master salesman uses systems.

And the systems are actually quite simple:

Systems for your leads are what funnels your leads into prospects and then into clients/closed deals.

It looks something like this:



Today we are going to dive into how your foreclosure list campaign can be turned into a marketing powerhouse.

You can get a list of foreclosure properties on sites like THIS -and what you are going to do is create a system to work those leads.

The current system we are using and has been working well is:

  • Door Knock
  • Notes on door
  • Handwritten Letter
  • Follow up Letter On Benefits of Selling
  • Postcard
  • Door knock
  • Notes On Door

Each bullet point is called a “touch”.  And a touch is each reach out to your lead.

*The whole point of a touch, is to get the leads to reach out to you so you can begin a conversation to start converting the leads to purchases. 

Let’s look at each one in our marketing funnel:

Door Knock–  This is where you walk up to someone’s door and knock.   Door knocking is hands down the best way to get in front of qualified leads and learn very quickly how to sell.   For a video on how to correctly door knock CLICK HERE

Notes on doors– This is exactly as it sounds.  You post a note on the door.  We like posting a yellow post-it note on the door that simply says “hi ___ must have missed you, have some important info to discuss with you. Call me ASAP – name #”.   That’s it. You’ll be surprised by how many people call you from that note.

*I strongly recommend door knocking if you are scared to knock on doors.  Once you are over the fear, and/or if you don’t have time to door knock  you can hire college kids to put notes on the doors for you (make sure you have them take a picture of each door), and then wait for the calls to come in.

Handwritten Letter– This is a letter that you send to every lead you have doorknocked and/or put a note on the door who hasn’t called you yet.   You write a letter explaining that you are the one who left the note on the door and you wanted to chat with them real quick about the property being on the foreclosure list.  Keep it simple and short.

You can write these letters your self or hire companies like THIS ONE to hand write them and mail them out for you.

Letter On Benefits of Selling:  – This is a professional looking letter which explains to the owner the benefits of working with you.   These benefits will depend on your strategy.

Ex: if you need them to short sale, you can talk about paying attorney fee’s, helping them get relocation assistance through the bank, and being able to work free of charge.

Postcard:  Create a postcard and send it to the properties who still havnt reached out to you.

Then start the process over again…..(door knock, note on door).  Each step is anywhere from a few days to the following week from the step before.

The idea here is that you have a simple system to reach out to your leads list, and open up a conversation.  

Remember– The entire point of your marketing campaign system is to get your leads to reach out to you, and start your follow up system to convert them into purchases….

Your follow up system will look something like this:


*Note- when a lead reaches out to you, you NEED to collect their email, and phone number.  Your main focus is going to be to get in front of them to walk the property so you can get them an offer.

  • Thank you letter– after your conversation, mail them a thank you letter, no matter how the conversation went.   You never know if they have friends/relatives who may need your services (which you’ll mention in your letter too).
  • Add them to your email newsletter campaign– this is a weekly/monthly email that goes out to all your prospects so you stay in front of them.
  • Follow up Follow up Follow Up-  Call each week/ bi-weely/ or schedule a time with them you can follow up… the trick here is to have a reasons to call/text/email besides purchasing the house.  Ex:  I may have found a company to help place your pets in a home,   I found a rental property that may interest you, I talked to my attorney and they said, follow me on FB etc….

Get it?

Once the conversation has been opened you are going to find out if they are interested in selling and let them know you can get them an offer within 48 hrs, but you need to walk the property first.

80% of the time, people who arn’t quite ready to sell… will be very soon, and your goal is  to stay in front of them.

That way when they come to the realization they need to sell… You’re the first person they call.

That’s the power of a marketing system.

Once your system is set up, it becomes automatic:

leads—->prospects —> appointments —-> offers—–>purchases.

That’s how the system works and what separates sales masters from beginners.

They turn those no’s to yes’ with their systems!

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Chris M Cordova

CFO Better Tomorrow Group

Chris is an active investor, Realtor, Broker, marketer, serial entrepreneur, and co founder of Better Tomorrow Group. Follow Better Tomorrow Group on Instagram @bettertomorrowgroup on Twitter/Periscope @TheBTgroup and Facebook at Better Tomorrow Group.  If you would like a FREE copy of Flipping Your Thoughts On Flipping Follow this LINK.