I was at the gym with a friend recently and he was laughing about how so many people there struggle with getting the results they truly want. I asked him what he meant and he pointed out a few different people.

“See that guy over there, I see him here a few times a week and he is always cutting corners on what he is lifting or how many reps he does. That guy over there has all the genes in the world to get big but only works out 3 times a week and complains about getting hung up on his goals in the gym,” 

He went on for a few more minutes pointing out people and making some rather interesting comments. As he finished he said one thing, I have heard it a few time before but he really hit on it, and it was.

“Andrew, it is really simple. Everyone wants to get Big, but no one wants to lift heavy weights”

He laughed, smiled, flexed in the mirror and continued on with his workout. Now, I am not the guy that is going to be out there lifting the heavy weights but I do understand the concept, and it does apply to more than just lifting weights. Any true pursuit for success is going to require you to “lift heavy weights” if you want to get bigger in your pursuit. I have learned this through my years as an investor and real estate developer. Nothing worthwhile is easy, but it is worth it when you accomplish the goal.

So now you may be asking yourself what this has to do with door knocking? Well… it has a lot to do with door knocking, because door knocking is the “Heavy Weights” of real estate investing. Everyone wants to get big in the business but nobody wants to do the work!

Why do so many people go away from door knocking when it is so fruitful? 233f864aff6fe90f0ecfd5fbec37ac93

The reason is very simple, DOOR KNOCKING IS REALLY HARD. No joke, door knocking is tedious, time consuming, uncomfortable, somewhat dangerous, and requires thick skin to deal with all of the NO’S you will get on your journey.

Outside of all of that so many people don’t know how to door knock in the first place. How to set it up, how to knock and how to follow up when you have had a successful door knocking conversation or even an unsuccessful one. I will outline in the next few paragraphs how you can become more proficient, You will need to set aside the time to do the work. With no further ado the 4 steps to a successful door knocking campaign.

  • Create your farm.

What is a farm? A farm is your geographic area which you are targeting on a regular basis. (If you want a more in depth look into what a farm is, here is a link to a FREE copy of my BOOK) Once you have your farm you can set your route to your properties you are looking at. Here are a few categories you can setup to door knock

  1. Notice of Trustee Sale
  2. Notice of Default
  3. Tax Lien
  4. Expired Listings
  5. Physically Distressed (Biking for Buys Video)
  • Dress for your audience

Every neighborhood is different but it is important to know where you are going to be door knocking and how the neighborhood will receive you. Like many situations it is generally better to be over dressed than under dressed, but don’t go over the top. The guy in the 3 piece suit is going to throw the potential seller. On the same token the guy in shorts sandals and a tank top is going to throw them off as well, remember in most cases you are offering to pay 100’s of thousands of dollars in cash for their home. If you don’t look like you could have it in your account they won’t trust you. My general outfit is the following;

  • Pants- Jeans or Khakis
  • Shirt- White V Neck shirt, Polo, or button up with the sleeves rolled
  • Shoes- Vans shoes for casual and Chukkas or loafers for more dressed up
  • Accessories- G-shock watch to keep track of time
  • Face- Smile

Here is what you shouldn’t do;


  • Pants- Shorts, worn jeans, or dress slacks
  • Shirt- Casual T-shirt, Dress shirt with Tie, offense clothing, business suit
  • Shoes- Sandals, worn shoes, dirty working boots, high heels, bare foot, lol
  • Accessories- High end watches, accessories that could have a bad affiliation, excessive jewelry
  • Face- Frown or RBF


  • How to Knock on a door

This seems like an easy enough task correct, well you would be surprised how many people can’t get it right. First things first, you have to be ready to reboot yourself every single time you knock on that door. They don’t know they are the 30th house you have knocked today, they only know you are at their door right then. Next don’t knock and trot, if you do this then you are wasting your time! What I mean by knock and trot is you simply knock on the door, wait a few seconds and take off. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! I follow a very simple rule- Knock 3 times over the course of 2 minutes. If I am out knocking on doors I need to give the potential seller time to get to the door, and some people move slow or don’t hear the first or second knock. Give em a chance.

Next we have body language, how are you presenting yourself to the potential seller, and do you appear to be threatening. My goal is to make the potential seller comfortable in the conversation. I am not going to stand to close to the door, reach out for a handshake when they open, or carry my posture in such a way that could indicate a threat. The goal is to start a conversation where I can get to the root of their problem.

  • Be Human 

money robotYou are most likely not the first person, nor are you the last person, that will knock on the potential sellers door. There is a reason they are on your list, which have likely landed them on other investors lists. So how do you set yourself apart? Be human! Remember this seller is in some type of distress maybe they lost a job, loan adjusted up in rate, or they have gotten behind on their taxes. Either way they don’t just want to have you come and say ” Hey I want to buy your house,” they will likely want to chat and discuss their situation. It is very important that you turn this conversation into learning what they need, or how you can help them. If you can solve a problem for someone you can get to the how you can purchase their home. Sometimes it is as simple as making them an offer that works for them to get  the out of their home. Other times it may be arranging the movers, helping them pack, and helping them find a new home. No matter what it is, focus on solving a problem and not lining your pockets and you will have success.

Now these are some great tips for door knocking but what if you got knock and no one is home? First, you want to note on your list which homes have not had someone home and the day and time you went. Second you need to arm yourself with a flyer or simple sticky note that you can leave at the home. I like to leave vague notes that will intrigue someone to call you. I have use “Hey, stopped by and missed you. Give me a call XXX-XXXX- Andrew,” and it works like crazy! Potential sellers are intrigued to call because they don’t know who left it or if it. It works like a charm, but now you need to convert them to a sale, but that is for another article.


Andrew T Greer

CEO Better Tomorrow Group

Andrew is an active investor, speaker, Realtor, serial entrepreneur, and educator in all that is Residential Real Estate. If you would like a FREE copy of his book follow this LINK. If you would like to follow him on Social media you can find him on Instagram @beastmoderealestate and @bettertomorrowgroup on Twitter/Periscope @TheBTGRoup and Facebook at Better Tomorrow Group. 

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