You get back what you put in.

Several years ago this statement was made to myself and I did not get it fully at the time, but I am understanding it more and more each day.

Now the formula is not as straight forward as this analogy makes it seem.

Many times what you put in and what you get out don’t happen the same day, same week, same year or even same decade!

What happens here is your hard work is accumulating and building up towards a bigger goal, I would compare it to layaway at a store. You are putting in work each, just like you putting money towards an item on lay away regularly, and then eventually you get the final product.

Until you reach that point you don’t get anything back for the money/time invested, but in the end you will get the goal.

Conversely, if you put only some of the time in, like the deposit on layaway, and don’t finish putting in the remainder you will lose what you committed or similarly to lay away you will lose you deposit!

This is the problem that many people have when setting goals that are bigger than their current self. Lets dive into how we can stop that from happening and grow.

Be Mission Oriented

pho-tr115-cover-640x363Every goal needs to be defined as a mission, that way as detractors come we can avoid them because we have set a mission to follow. Here are the differences between what a mission is and what an idea/ non mission goal is;

  • I want to become a Real Estate Investor and flip 12 house a year, and live a life that affords me the ability to travel and enjoy my time outside of flipping

This is an example of a mission, it allows you the ability to have a clear path (Flip 12 houses) and what the result/ reward will be for that work. Additionally, it allows you to ignore distractions. If the idea in front of you doesn’t help achieve the mission, push it aside and go forward.

Here is a bad example of a mission;

  • I want to travel and not work anymore, and have fun in my free time.

This is an example of what a non mission goal would look like. Although the outcome looks the same, the result cannot be congruent without defining how you will reach the goal. You can easily get lost in this path.

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Setting a mission that can reach your goal is incredibly important. You cannot get to having time off to travel the world and make 6 figures if you are flipping burgers instead of houses. That means you need to look into what the goal is and what it will take to get there to align them appropriately for yourself!

Mold Yourself to the Mission

Now this is going to be the only way you can reach success on your mission. You have have designated what it is, and it should be BIGGER than your current self. That means that you need to make yourself bigger so you can reach this goal. How can you do this? Here are some steps

  1. Research successful people in the field you are entering.
  2. Find out what makes them successful.
    1. You can do this a couple ways. Read about them if they are on that scale and see how they did it. The other is sit down with them, or request a time for coffee. If they are local you may just get it, and make sure you use their time wisely!
  3. Take note of their steps and routine
  4. Mimic their steps and routine
  5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat… (payments towards layaway!)

Seems simple enough, right? It truly is but it requires you to take action. Now, I am going to give you some tips that I added when I went into flipping houses. Note, my goal in flipping houses was to create a business that could propel me to the point of developing large tracts of land for both commercial and residential use. I am on my journey that way, and here are some of the habits I added to get there.

  1. Wake up every morning, no later than 5:30 AM and work out for 30 minutes
  2. Commit to be in office no later than 8:00 every day
  3. Create daily plan, Monthly Plan, Quarterly Plan, Yearly Plan
  4. Read articles, blogs, and any other news source from an opposite opinion daily
  5. Network weekly

These were the first steps I took to reach my goal. Each one came with many sacrifices that aren’t said but inherent with moving down this path. Being up every morning at 5:30 meant I could not stay out late if I wanted to succeed. Additionally, if I am making all these commitments I had to re work my personal time with my spouse and friends. There were sacrifices that I had to make, but there are also certain sacrifices that you cannot make if you want to have a good balance in your life. Here were “sacrifices” I made to keep my balance;

  1. Don’t consume alcohol during the week, and refrain on weekends (Alcohol consumes your mind and lowers ability to perform)
  2. No cable, I watch TV on occasion but only from providers like Hulu and Netflix. No mindless TV watching from show to show
  3. Social media in set time periods and monitor use. If it isn’t for bettering myself, get off the social media.
  4. Set aside specific time for my wife and my friends. Only engage with them in these times, no phone calls no email no work!
  5. Manage my diet, no sugary foods or processed food in excess. Healthy body, healthy mind!

Now this is only a overhead look at what I did, and it has been working out. As I managed my schedule and activities I made greater and greater steps, which made growing much easier. I have, and you can too, done this by making my deposits to layaway. I have not got my item yet from the store but I am getting closer and closer each day.

Here are some actionables for you

  1. Set your mission
  2. Research successful people in your field
  3. Set your small goals to mold yourself
  4. Track them and your results
  5. Fail at them, and re start and grow more.
  6. Repeat Repeat Repeat

Best of luck to you on your journey and if your goal is to get into real estate investing we are here to help you out on that mission!


Andrew T Greer

CEO Better Tomorrow Group

Andrew is an active investor, speaker, Realtor, serial entrepreneur, and educator in all that is Residential Real Estate. If you would like a FREE copy of his book follow this LINK. If you would like to follow him on Social media you can find him onInstagram@beastmoderealestate and @bettertomorrowgroup, onTwitter/Periscope@TheBTGRoup andFacebookat  Also on Snapchat TOO @BeastModeRE