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YodaAlthough I hate writing posts of this nature I have been asked several times for quick tips to success. Now, the reason I hate blogs like this is they make it seems like the few items stated will be the complete game changer for you. That is not the case, success is a journey that is chasing a moving target, so there is no short list. That said there are a few, 3, tips that can make you successful in your endeavors that you can use to get things started!

Here we go;

1. Bye Felicia

Yep that is right, see ya later. It is time to say bye to Felicia and make a move in a betterbyefelicia-sq2.gif direction. Why must we say bye to Felicia you ask. Because Felicia is holding us down and not letting us grow! Who is Felicia to you… Felicia is anyone that is going to take themselves and put them self in front of your goals. They are the people that are going to stop you from reaching your success.

This is something that is not easy to do, but it is much easier than dealing with the constant jealousy that you can run into as you drive towards success. I personally was not prepared for what this was going to do to me and was fortunate to tie in with other like minded people to quickly avoid the trap. The reason friends get jealous is because you use to be the same person, work the same hours, make the same money and live on the same track. Once you start diverting attention to success, and then see it pay off you will notice the jealousy come in. Remember these are not the people you need in your life and not what is going to get you to the next level. Be Mission Focused!

2. No More Porn!1459368018_eb87dcc44e460b969a05904f1940c004

That is exactly what I said, no porn. Now why am I saying this? Is it a moral decision I am trying to place on you? NO! Am I telling you how to live your life? Kinda, you were looking for tips. Do I think it is a waste of time if you are going after yours? YES!

Now Porn does not have to mean pornography here, what I am conveying is anything that is taking you away from your goals. Your porn might be one of the following

  • Wow-nerd-south-park-580Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • The fucking Kardashians
  • The Real Housewives
  • Pokemon Go
  • World of WarCraft
  • Sitting on the couch
  • oh yeah, actual porn
  • Etc, etc, etc

So how are you going to break the chain of “Your Porn” and get yourself on track? Well it won’t be easy but identifying it is the first step. The next step is realizing what you are missing by consuming these things and make a decision to get away from what is slowing you down. No one ever became better than they already were by standing still and not making changes. You are no different in that regard but that does not mean that you can’t be different! Drop the porn and move forward!

3. Track Your Time

Time is of the essence! It is the only commodity that you have that you can’t make back up, and as an entrepreneur it is your most powerful tool. Not only can it make you money when you use it wisely, but when managed you can take on larger and bigger things more easily. I have always focused on creating more time for myself by managing it and understanding where the minutes go, so I am going to give you a basic strategy I have employed myself to make this happen;

  1. Have a note pad with you at all times. This allows you to track every time you doColumbo-185x300 something. It can be one of those little notepads that you see detectives carrying around. (Like Columbo)
  2. With that pad write down every time you switch what you are doing…. that means every single time.
    1. Reading and responding to emails (10 minutes)
    2. Read article (5 Minutes )
    3. Took phone call (7 Minutes)
    4. Ate lunch (40 Minutes)
    5. Googled Sports news (15 Minutes)
    6. Chatted with Friend on phone (10 Minutes)
  3. Track all of these items from waking up to going to bed, including how long you spent sleeping.
  4. Do this for 1 week, and 2 weeks if you have the luxury but we are action based here so a week should be good for most
  5. Review where you are spending time- you are going to be shocked on what time you wasted!
  6. Make a plan to cut out the waste and focus on where else you can spend that time. You should easily find 2-3  hours a day, if you are being honest with yourself
  7. Create a plan and start tracking your time again.
  8. Repeat the steps until you are a self managed fine tune machine!

Bringing it Together

Stepping-up.jpgAs I stated before, these are not all the steps you need to see success but these are a big part of getting things rolling and seeing success. You must remember that a journey of a million miles must start with the first step before anything can happen. I like to think of success being like going through school. You don’t take Calculus without taking Algebra and Geometry. Each step you take is a foundation for what is to come! Without the small steps the great leaps cannot be made in the future.

If you are looking to take great leaps in Real Estate check out the Better Tomorrow Group platform, and the best way to get those steps is to watch our A-Z flipping Webinar. Here is a link  to get on it and start making big change in your life. And remember you are the key to your success , so start by taking the first steps!


Andrew T Greer

CEO Better Tomorrow Group

Andrew is an active investor, speaker, Realtor, serial entrepreneur, and educator in all that is Residential Real Estate. If you would like a FREE copy of his book follow this LINK. If you would like to follow him on Social media you can find him on Instagram @bettertomorrowgroup, and Facebookat