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This is the question I asked myself in a Labor Economics class while at San Diego State University. I was a student at the time that had decided to go back to school and finish my degree. I decided on Economics as my degree because I was looking to expand my horizons and I knew I was not a “technical or skilled” type of student. I liked with with people and creating opportunity so this seemed like the right fit for me. So back to Labor Economics, we were discussing cycles and positioning yourself appropriately for making maximum returns in a market. This was based on industries and cycles that happen with the industries we are involved in. As we reviewed different industries it became very clear that Real Estate was where I needed to focus my time and build my wealth due to the Great Recession which we were in the midst of.

Now the first thing I heard was that going into Real Estate was a bad idea because so many had lost so much and there was no way that money could be made with the market being so bad! Well I believed what Baron Rothschild said, ” The time to buy is when there’s  blood in the streets.” If I were to stick in with this principle I would be walking into what would be one of the greatest opportunities I could have imagined, but before I could experience that opportunity I had to find out all the essential information and that was harder than I thought and here is why; There are TONS of Gurus out there offering their service to get you to success, but how could I tell who was true and what was a reasonable price. Here is what I found on some of the bigger companies/ gurus out there and you can decide.


Scott Yancey Program

This is laid out with a few steps and levels that are used to bring students/Mentees up to speed and ready to spend.

  1. Three hour event- Cost $0
    • This is used to show you who Scott is and pitch you on the weekend Seminar
  2. Weekend Seminar- Cost $2,000
    • 3 day event that pitches towards the
  3. Scott Yancey Program
    1. $30,000 mentorship


Armando Montelongo

  1. Free 90 minute Seminar- $0
    1. This is used to pitch you for the for the 1 day event
  2. 1 day event- Cost$1,497
    1. This event gives more information and pushes prospects towards the 3 day event
  3. 3 day event- Cost-$40,000
    1. 40,000


Fortune Builder

  1. 90 minute intro event- Cost $0
    1. This is designed to push prospects to the $197 weekend event
  2. $197 3 day weekend event- Cost- $197
    1. This is used to educate and push prospects to the Membership program
  3. $34,000 membership program- Cost $34,000
    1. This is the membership program for the Fortune Builders group


Better Tomorrow Group

  1. Free Book for download- Cost $0
    1. Book gets you in contact with Better Tomorrow Group via email
  2. Free lessons and videos via email- Cost $0
    1. Designed to find out if you will be interested in flipping houses and investing
  3. Lifetime Membership Site- Cost $499



We feel that the best choice for anyone out there is going with Better Tomorrow Group, and the reason why we think that… It is based on you, and how you use the knowledge. We created this system so you can learn everything you need and SAVE your hard earned money for your first projects and not for your gurus pockets. Check out our site where you can get a 7 day money back guarantee with your lifetime purchase!


Andrew T Greer

CEO Better Tomorrow Group

Andrew is an active investor, speaker, Realtor, serial entrepreneur, and educator in all that is Residential Real Estate. If you would like a FREE copy of his book follow this LINK. If you would like to follow him on Social media you can find him on Instagram @bettertomorrowgroup, and Facebookat