Do you want to be Rich?


Most people do, but there is a big difference between wanting something and achieving that something.

If you go for it (which you need to) you will have set backs, get pushed down, knocked on your ass…and sometimes even kicked when you are down.

The question is do you have what it takes to make it and be successful?

Only time will tell. However there are some key things you need to do to have the best chance of success.

What separates those who make it and those who don’t are a few key things …

They may seem simple, but that’s the point.

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The 3 key things you need to succeed in Real Estate (or any other venture) are:

  • Persistence
  • Knowledge
  • Network

Persistence– To be successful you have to be fully committed, obsessed even, and focused on achieving your goal.

This includes knowing why you are committed to doing something so that when the going gets touch you constantly get back up and keep going. This means writing your goals everyday/week/month and staying the course.

That is how you will keep the persistence up.

If you are persistent and committed you will get back up and keep trying. It’s like water beating against a rock.  Eventually the water breaks the rock no matter how many times the water was reflected back.

Knowledge– Knowledge is power.  You need to educate yourself.  The more educated you are in Real Estate the less risky it becomes.  The more you know the laws, rules, tricks of the trade the more opportunities you will find to make money.

You will be able to see opportunity where others don’t.  A big secret in business is knowing something that others don’t, which is why knowledge and studying is such an important factor.

Better Tomorrow Group is a place that gives you all the knowledge you need to succeed along with all the tools systems, scripts, checklists, marketing materials and more to earn 6 figures or more in Real Estate.

Network– To be successful you need to build your network.  You need to find people who are in the trenches with you but more importantly you need to find people who are where you want to be.  This way you can learn what really works by working with these people.

After-all the best teacher is life itself.  It’s like learning to ride a bike… you can tell a child how to ride it all day long but they will need to fall down a few times and pedal the bike themselves to really learn how to ride.\

This is why all successful people have a solid network (team) of people they can rely on.

One way to jump start your network is to join the Better Tomorrow Group where you will be given access to our network , but you can also check out and check out local REI clubs to start building your own.

These 3 simple things will keep you on track for success.

If you are persistent/committed, build up your knowledge and your network you will be successful over time.

If you want to fast track yourself to success and learn how to make BIG money in Real Estate join the Better Tomorrow Group where you will get instant access to everything you need to succeed from the comfort of your own home.


Chris M Cordova

CFO Better Tomorrow Group

Chris is an active investor, Realtor, Broker, marketer, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of Better Tomorrow Group. Follow Better Tomorrow Group on Instagram@bettertomorrowgroup on Twitter/Periscope @TheBTgroup and Facebook at Better Tomorrow Group.  If you would like a FREE copy of Flipping Your Thoughts On Flipping Follow this LINK.