Design is Scary… But Important

Going into investing I was very scared to make my own designs and put in my own finishes.

There were several reasons why:

  • I am not trained in design
  • I don’t know what I am doing
  • I am asking people to spend the MOST money they have ever spent on something I have designed…
  • I am color blind… Kinda, not really though
  • I am CHEAP, I mean cost effective, to a fault
  • I want to move fast!

With this in mind, I was stuck with a dilemma:

“How do I design a house that is going to sell?”

Well, fact of the matter is, I STRUGGLED on my first solo house.

These are pictures of my first solo project ( Solo means I owned it with my partner).

Pretty terrible right… Yeah I was not a genius when I started.

That said this project still brought over 25% return and over 200% cash on cash, so I wasn’t that upset, but I could have definitely made more for me and my partner.

The goal is always to extract maximum cash and make maximum return, that is the name of the game!

Well fortunately I learned how to design.

How Did I develop and Learn How to Design?

This is not a straight forward process, in fact I fought it every step of the way. I took many steps and made many mistakes but I got to a point that helped me dramatically in my career and I am going to pass it on right here.

Use Your Vendors Tools!

What does this mean?

This means that you can use tools created by your vendors. One of the very best is the inspiration galleries created by your paint suppliers.

If you live where there is a Home Depot you can use Behr Brand Paint. If you live by Lowes you can use Glidden Brand paint to get inspiration.

The next difficult part is fixtures for your plumbing and bathroom finishes.

So there is a simple trick to make this work easily and effectively to create a cohesive environment that buyers will love.

If you go to any of the major vendors websites you can find matching fixtures from your; Kitchen faucet, Bathroom sink, shower fixtures to the towel bars and hooks…You can literally match all of it!

This makes your life so much easier.

The Title Said You Were Sharing Finishes

Yes yes, here is a list and some photos of the actual property!

Contractor to provide schedule day 1 to allow TSI planning for purchasing
Labor Description Quantity Product
porch lights, front and back 2 Hampton Bay 1-Light Outdoor Black Wall Light with Aluminum Material
Porch Lights, front and back (Motion Sensing) 2 Defiant 180 Degree Outdoor Black Motion Sensing Security Light
new lockset at front door 1 Kwikset Balboa Satin Nickel Entry Lever and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack
new kitchen cabinets complete, new countertops at kitchen and bathroom complete, new kitchen sink, Bathroom sink 1 H-Cabinets
new hardware on existing cabinets 1 H-Cabinets
new provided appliances (Zero’ed items) 1 H-Cabinets
Kitchen Tile & Bathroom Wall Tile 1  Glazed existing
new light at kitchen nook 2 HD
new Kitchen faucet with standard under sink plumbing with stops and suplies 1 Inventory
new towel bar 1 Glacier Bay Builders 18in Towel Bar in Brushed Nickel
TP Kit 1 Glacier Bay Builders Double Post Toilet Paper Holder in Brushed Nickel
Ceiling Fans, disposal, and hardware 1 52″ Glacier bay hugger ceiling fan
new Vanity Mirror 1 Home Goods
New laminate flooring atdinning, family, entry and hallway (floating) 1 Pergo XP Kingston Cherry 10 mm thick x 4-7/8 in. Wide x 47-7/8 in. Length Laminate Flooring. (641.9 sq ft / pallet)
Bathroom -Tub and Shower Faucet 1 Glacier Bay Builders 1 handle 1 spray Tub and Shower Faucet in Brushed Nickel
Bathroom Sink Faucet 1 Glacier Bay Builders 4In Centerset 2 Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel
Vanity light 1 Hampton Bay 3-Light Brushed Nickel Vanity Light

Here is the paint Scheme for you too!


Color Name
Ultra Pure White 1850 Behr flat (Fascia and Trim, garage door)
Environmental PPU11-9 Behr flat  (body)
Marsh Marigold P250-3 Behr Exterior Flat (Front Door)


Color Name
Polar Bear White Behr- semi gloss (Doors and Trim)
Swiss Coffee Behr-  ceiling flat (Ceilings)/ semi gloss (kitchen + bath ceilings)
Antique White Behr- Egg shell (walls) semi-gloss (kitchen +bath walls)

Material Vendors on the Cheap

Now you will notice that I have 1 vendor on here that is simply a local dealer that I worked with. Finding vendors for specific items, I recommend for flooring and cabinets, is a great way to save money on those large items.

Here is a video on how you can find them yourself:


I hope this has been a helpful guide to getting started in how to find materials.

If you are looking for more and want to continue to grow check out the Better Tomorrow Group at for much much more on how to flips houses (Free lessons included).

We are always looking for more people to help build the community and profit together!


Andrew T Greer

CEO Better Tomorrow Group

Andrew is an active investor, speaker, Realtor, serial entrepreneur, and educator in all that is Residential Real Estate. If you would like a FREE Membership to Better Tomorrow Group follow this LINK. If you would like to follow him on Social media you can find him on Instagram @bettertomorrowgroup, and Facebookat