You’ve finished your rehab.

All construction is finished, contractors are paid, staging is complete and you’re ready to put the house on the market for sale.

The question is do you sell your property yourself or with a Realtor?



People want to try to save money and sell the house themselves… they think that saving money will make them more money.

But in fact, the opposite is true.

Spending money on the right things will in fact make you more money.  And in this case, spending money on a Realtor is in fact the right choice.

Let me explain…

3 Reasons you want to use a Realtor when selling your property are:

  1. You don’t have the time. You need to be focused on finding more property to flip so you can continue making money.  Let someone else deal with selling the property and dealing with the end-buyers.  Besides your property should one of the nicest properties on the block and if you are priced correctly it will sell.
  2. Your property will be seen by more potential buyers.  When you use a Realtor they have access to the MLS, networking groups, and their potential pool of buyers.  Once it hits the MLS every Realtor in the county will be notified of your property coming onto the market which in turn means more buyers will be aware. Also if your Realtor is any good they have many connections and a pool of buyers to give a heads up to that the property is coming to the market soon. Remember the Realtors main focus is helping people buy and sell property…mainly at market price.
  3. If you find a good Realtor they will make sure you get top dollar for your property and make sure you have a smooth transaction.  This will mean a lot less head ache for you because you will know they will have everything under control when selling the property.  This again leaves you more time to focus on the core part of your business which is finding more deals to flip.

Check out the video below for a quick 2 minute overview 


In conclusion: Using a Realtor is definitely worth it.  

Sure you will need to pay them some money but in the end the result will be that you make more money, have more time to find more deals, have smoother transactions and can focus on what makes you the most money (finding more deals).

The main thing is that you need to find a reliable, solid, competent Realtor who is worth the money.  You would be surprised at how hard it is to find a good Realtor.. but they are out there.

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Chris M Cordova

CFO Better Tomorrow Group

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