Are you scared to work with Contractors?

Do you feel like you don’t know how to handle the rehab of a project?

We all have to start somewhere and it’s ok if you are nervous, just don’t let that stop you.

You just have to learn from others and gain experience over time by putting what you learn into action.

That’s why today you are going to learn the correct way to deal with contractors.

A way to deal with Contractors, that “they” don’t want you to know.

It’s a way that multi-million dollar companies deal with contractors.

And if the big guys are doing it, you want to do it too.

You have to work with contractors, you can’t do a deal without them, so you might as well learn how to control them properly, otherwise they can suck the money out of your deal…very quickly, which can make or break a deal when you are first starting out.

So you need to make sure that they don’t over-charge you… which happens ALOT.

How do you make sure contractors don’t rip you off?


Like everything else we teach inside the Better Tomorrow Group, you have a system.

A system that you use every single time and that can be replicated.

(Now is the time to grab that pen and paper…)

Here are the bare bones of how the system we teach inside Better Tomorrow Group VIP Access works:

  • Contact 3 -5 contractors and set appointments to come do a walk through of the property to give you a bid.
  • Set the appointments 15 minutes apart all on the same day so they see their competition (better pricing!)
  • When they arrive have a scope of work sheet ready to go for each contractor
  • Collect/review all the bids
  • Call and negotiate pricing down
  • Sign an agreement in writing with the contractor of choice with strict guidelines
  • Plan to start re-hab work on the day you close
  • Manage the project, stop by unannounced and make sure they are working/on track
  • Keep them on track by using Better Tomorrow Group’s system of payments and verification of work progress every step of the way

Got it?

This is bare bones of how the simple system we teach works.

Maybe this is enough for you to go out and do it on your own. If so that is great!

Use the system on your own.

But a word of CAUTION:


You need to have contingencies in place in your contracts with your contractors, a certain payment system set-up to make sure the contractors complete work on time and do EVERYTHING they said they were going to do, as well as a system to verify quality work.


The last thing you want is to sell a house and for someone to come back and sue you for faulty work by contractors (which is also why you make sure you use General Contractors who are licensed, insured/bonded)

If you want the EXACT system we use; with all the knitty gritty details so you don’t get ripped off… you can grab it HERE

Press play below for a quick 2-min lesson that goes over part of the payment system:


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Get started right now and good luck out there!

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