Knock Knock.

Did you think whose there?

Now that I have your attention we are going to dive into a skill that is a MUST in this business.

Knowing how to door knock.

This doesn’t mean you will always have to door knock, but you will have to acquire the skills that you can gain through door knocking.

Some of the many skills you will pick up from door knocking are things like:

  • Knowing how to open up a quick conversation with a complete stranger
  • Feeling the fear of knocking on the door and doing it anyways
  • Getting rejection after rejection and keep going (persistence and perseverance)
  • Learning how to take a prospect down the sales funnel
  • Converting a prospect to a lead
  • How to follow up
  • How to keep a clients interest
  • Belief in yourself
  • And much more…

Whether or not you continue door knocking your entire life isn’t the point.  The point is the door knocking experience will help you gain skills that will be required of you as you grow your business.


Regardless of what industry you are in, you will always call on people who you may have never spoke to before, maybe it’s a business, or maybe you are trying to get a good deal on service… door knocking skills will help with all of this.

The only way to learn is to get started. So go door knock. Fail. Study. Review what you did right, and what you could do better. Research different ways to approach it. Figure out what works for you.

Make a game out of it. Count how many no’s it takes you to get a yes, and then try to beat it.  Take action.

Although most of the success you have in door knocking will be based off your skills, there are things you can do to help prepare for a successful door knock.

The following are 4 things you will need to complete a successful door knock.

  • A pad of paper/list of your leads: to take notes on your list as you go door to door
  • A pen: you need one to write with
  • A post it note: Leave a note on their door if they dont answer
  • Your business card: You want to look professional and leave them with something of value

This list is simple, but you would be surprised by how many people go unprepared.

Now your goal for door knocking is not to close the sale.  It’s to get your foot in the door, and get a conversation started. This is the beginning of a relationship you are building.

Maybe you set a follow up appointment or take the owners out to lunch/dinner to talk about how you can help them get out of their property.

The point is that the door knock, is the very beginning of a relationship. It’s like approaching a woman at a bar who you are interested in.  You start with a conversation and go from there.

The fastest I have ever closed a door knock for a Real Estate deal is in a 24 hr turn around, but I have never done it on the first knock.

Maybe you can do it on the first knock. Test out different strategies and see if you can beat me.

Click the video below for a quick 2 min review on door knocking materials.


Then click HERE for a quick 2 min lesson on what to do when you get back to the office.

The important part is to get out there and start door knocking.  Feel the fear and do it anyways.

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Good luck out there!


Chris M Cordova

CFO Better Tomorrow Group

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