Need a door knocking script?

Look no further.

Door knocking isn’t easy for people to get themselves to do, but it actually isn’t hard once you do it.

All you need to do is get a friendly conversation going, then move the prospect down through the sales funnel. You’re not there to close the deal on the first knock, even though that can happen too.

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The important part is to open by introducing yourself and immediately get to the point of why you are there.

Then let the conversation go where it goes, and see how you can demonstrate your value by offering free advice.

Many times homeowners don’t know all their options and you can pick up a property with a simple conversation and LISTENING to what the seller needs. You solve their problem, and you get the house under contract.

It all starts with a simple introduction.


If you can get yourself to do that (open up a friendly conversation) you’d be surprised how polite most people are. And if they are not polite to you… well you have a funny story to tell your friends the next time you see them.

And remember..

The more you knock, the more interactions you’ll have, and the more interactions you have the better you will get… 

And the better you get, the more deals you’ll close which will lead to more $$$ in your pocket.

So get out there, do what most people won’t do and start door knocking!

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Chris M Cordova

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