Are you looking for more ways to find deals? 

If you don’t know by now… that’s the hardest part of this business. Finding the actual business.

That’s why today you are going to learn 2 more simple tricks (that most look over) to find deals in this business.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of these 2 things. 

They are vital to building your business for the long term.  And that is what you are looking for… long term wealth. Not make money once.

Now Let’s Review:

Business Cards: Business cards are a great way to get your name out there and in front of people.

Many times your business card will be forgotten about and found at a later time… this is why it’s good to leave some blank space in the back so you can write notes on it when you hand it to the person.

It adds that personal touch, so when they find it days/weeks/months later they will remember meeting you because you have notes about the things you talked about.

Over time you will be surprised by how many phone calls you’ll get from business cards handed out at bbq’s, at the grocery store, in line at a 711, at a starbucks.. etc… months or even years ago.

If you have a good conversation with someone they will remember you and give you a call when someone they know needs your help. At that point it is up to you and your skills to convert them to a purchase.

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Networking: Networking is HUGE in this industry.

It’s important to meet people who work in your industry so you can find great people to work with and to find people who can pass deals onto you (or maybe even partner up).

Not only is it important to meet people in your industry but it is also important to meet as many people as you possibly can.

I don’t know if you know this but the world is run by people, which means you need to know people.  People will help you get out of a jam, or solve a problem that you or someone you know needs solved.

It’s always a good idea to send business to someone who impresses you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not in your industry.

If it is someone who seems like they are good at their craft and you come across another person who needs that problem solved… connect the two people.

Get known as a connector of people and over time it will come back to you. 

This can be as simple as finding a great dentist and then passing the dentist the business of others who are looking for a great dentist.

It can also be passing a listing to an agent of a property that you can’t purchase but the homeowner does want to sell it on the open market.

It can be finding a great plumber, contractor, roof inspector etc.. and referring them to people you know.

These people will remember what you did for them and most likely at some point in the future they will refer someone back to you.

Follow these 2 Simple Strategies To Help Build Your Business Overtime. 

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Chris M Cordova

CFO Better Tomorrow Group

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