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When Do you need them?

At every turn in a deal.  You see Real Estate is a team sport. You can’t do everything yourself (and you don’t want too).

Some of the consultants you will be using when you are adding square footage to a flip or doing a new build are:

Soil Engineer – evaluates the ground on which the structure will be built

Civil Engineer – designs how the site, land, actually works. How the ingress and egress of the property work, how water moves across property and how the utilities and city services ties into the home.

Architect- Is the designer of the property. They design the way it works on the inside and outside.

Structural Engineer- Takes the design that the architect has created and creates the actual structural components that make the home a reality


How do you find them?

Reach out to people in your Real Estate Investment group and/or your network. Referrals are key for these consultants.

You want to vet 5 or 6 of them.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you are using consultants from your local municipality.  This means if you are building in a certain city in San Diego, Ca you want to use consultants who are familiar with the building codes in the area of your project. So you wouldn’t want to use people who work in Los Angeles, Ca.

Here’s what these consultants will do for you:

They will make sure your additions or new homes are built up to code and that you will be able to complete your rehab or new-build.  You don’t want these consultants learning on your project…you want people with experience.

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